Friday, April 8, 2016


The dark chorus sang me awake last night
And the new moon, the size and shape of a slim cuticle
One more example of certainty in an uncertain world
Reminds me there is nothing to fear; go out
Unless, oh unless, I stumble there ...
Where the dark is seething

I dreamt you alive
A heady mixture of the outdoors and wood smoke
I relinquished ashes to a creek -
Should Luna soar immense against bruised skies
A thought so alien it makes my heart hurt
The racket thrumming there is indeed inevitable
You had been so long with me
Throw a cape of sanity over my craziness now
Me, whose most haunted self lingers like smoke

Far from home, like blood bleeds
To help me grieve -
But, nothing that will make me slit my wrists -
Blessed sanction
Now a shivering, shameful sight
It is illusory
I seem so far away
Hear me call from the silence
With my heart just barely beating
Now - a shuttered window thrown open
Time can't control the dreams
My being here feels invasive.

I loved this prompt! I am fond of centos, both reading and writing them, and this was fun for me. I decided to use only poems I've had published (which cut down on the material significantly) but allowed me to use the title I liked ... The only changes I made were for tense, or occasionally, POV - to accommodate the poem.

(I used lines or fragments from the following poems: Baby Girl M Gets Her Wings, Blues Over Bosnia, Bruised Skies, Carefully Crafted Camouflage, Dark Doppelganger Mine, Daughter's Intuition, Do Not Imagine, Flora's Fauna, For Baby Girl M, Gatsby: Not So Great Anymore, Hemingway's Ghost, Last Night I Dreamt You, Love and Baking, nigh time, On a Paris Night, Place to Lay My Weary Grief, Should Luna Soar, Sins of the Father, Tree Deaths, When Trees Weep.)

Found Poetry Revue challenge 2016 April 7,2016 - Simone Weil's prompt - "cento" using your own poems about your own life.

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