Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poetic Asides Wednesday September 15, 2010 prompt "to a person"

Daddy Dearest

You come to me through veiled
Dreams and I cannot make you
Out; I think I smell your aftershave
But that I truly rather doubt

Having never really known you
Every essence of you dreamt
I imagine, conjure, make you up
But waking feel you leave, as if sent

My mama says – you do remember
Her? She tells me that very likely you
Are dead, or if not, then imprisoned
You did her wrong, and did me too

She tells me that you learned of me
But that you didn’t care to know
Just shrugged me off and told her
Wishing love would never make it so

Daddy dearest I wonder, are you out there
And do you have other children that you love
Does your eldest child ever come to mind
Or am I the one you just casually disposed of

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