Sunday, October 10, 2010

from Big Tent's Oct.8th prompt "pilfering"

By Anne Sexton
(Several lines, not necessarily in order or together, from her poem,”Words”, from her book The Awful Rowing Toward God.)

“Be careful of words
They are doves falling out of the ceiling
Once broken they are impossible
Things to repair”

Beware: Fragile – Wordswork

Into the darkness after hearing
The poetess weave her dark magic
The listeners stumbled blindly

Ducking as if for cover, dodging
Perceived in-coming explosives
Trying not to cower, or pray, or weep

To a one, they had been damaged
As truly as if, like any unsuspecting
And innocent, ordinary audience

While they sat quietly, in anticipation
Of something knowable, if not predictable
They had instead received grenades

Grenades lobbed so casually and with
Such unerring accuracy and deadly aim
They remained frozen in place as if dead

Even as the shards disguised as words
Blew every facade of normalcy to splinters
Leaving even the most banal thoughts

Tattered as dying crows or used motel towels
Too complexly difficult to reassemble
Anywhere within breathing distance of the one

The perpetrator; she who reeked
Of things rotting or near-dead,
Not poetry, not nicely crafted verse, no.

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  1. S.E. this has a beautiful magical quality to it.