Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poetic Asides November Challenge Day 10 - prompt "love poem"

Love Me Do

“It is important to love each other as we are, that is the beginning of love.”
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)

In your eyes I see myself reflected as the one you love
The one that you have always loved, I finally know
That now; it has only taken decades of reassurance
On your part and testing, trials, and silliness, on mine

Where did you find the patience I have often wondered
To put up with all I did to you, to us, and all that mattered
How did you know that in the end, it would work out
How did you keep the faith when all the time I acted awful

Treated you like I was indifferent at best, uncaring too
Behaved with reckless disregard for all that we held sacred
Took risks so unnecessary even I found myself stepping back
At times and wondering what I was about, what it was I wanted

Until finally came a day when I woke up, came to, it seemed
And faced up to my deepest insecurities and realized how afraid
I was that you would abandon me if ever I let down my guard
And flat out let myself love you fully back completely as I should

As I did, if truth be told, but terror so deeply ingrained within me
Truth that did not belong to you but became assigned to you
A surrogate for issues buried deep within my past; it took time
To unearth these things and you gave me that, waited for me still

Now, as I said, decades later, and you and I are together yet
Your love for me, just as you said, knows no bounds and so it
Turns out, is mine for you – even all these years later and after
All that we have been through; our love is stronger than ever.

We tell each other often, just how lucky we know we are
Alone sometimes I shake my head and thank the cosmos
Or whatever luck goddess is watching o’er me but it isn’t
Luck at all, it’s this man I love that loves me back -   that’s all

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