Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poetic Asides November Challenge Day 17 prompt "tell me why ________"

Tell Me Why Oh Why Oh Why

I watch you baby boy as you stumble to the door
Sobbing as if your heart is truly about to break
Apart; you are screaming hysterically once you
Get there and shaking your wee head like a much
Older person, as if in disbelief, you try to fit your
Chubby baby fingers between door and jamb
An impossibility but you keep at it – you know
Your parents, but especially your mama, went out
That door just minutes ago and you heard the outer
Screen door slam shut as well, a sound that sets
You off all the time these days

The doctor says he thinks you are experiencing
Night terrors and extreme separation anxiety
I am not sure what I think – neither of my children
Suffered like this and I feel so helpless in the face
Of your pain; I pick you up to try and comfort you
And you arch your back and stare at me with so
Much “why?” in your baby blues it is like being
Sprayed with pepper spray or at least how I
Imagine that might feel

You shake your head at me and strain your arms
Toward the door again – your mother has warned
Me of this behaviour so I knew it might happen,
Would happen, I guess – I just didn’t want to believe
It; I decide to try and distract you – take you to your
Room, dump out the toys, and all your books – you
Love books – you look at me like I have lost my mind
And I see more “whys” as you raise your eyebrows
Looking the very picture of your Dad, sceptical except
For the huge tears and the unchecked sobs, your throat
Growing raspier each second from so much screaming

I ask you if you would like some juice and finally
You look interested in something; take the big-boy
Sippy  cup, grab your blanket, glare at me as if
I am the betrayer of all betrayers and climb up
Beside your Grandpa on the couch, lay your head
On his lap, sling your cup back like a real boozer
Close your eyes and proceed to pass out.

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