Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poetic Asides November Challenge Day 19 prompt "a poem with a hole in it

How Could I Have Known

That last night we called down the night
Bled the clouds scarlet, rushed twilight’s mauve
Trying to drown each other darkly with endings

You still spun your lines with spider-like intricacy
Weaving delicate nets of treachery you thought
Would bind me to you again but I slashed on through

Determined this time to ignore all your wiles, your coy
Ways and entreaties, the smell behind your knees
That cried out to my heart and tried holding me close

At long last you ran down the day and your love
Petered out with the sun rising brilliantly blinding
Me to the hole you were leaving, that large space

Where you’d been, the glow that you shed
Gone out now left greyness, not even your outline
Just a sucking deep emptiness – how could I have known

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