Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Poetic Asides November Challenge Day 7 prompt "pro________"


It was Sunday, book review day
Hefting the extra heavy newspaper
She could hardly bear to turn the pages
There it was, her first bonafide review
Her first real book of poems published

She hardly dared to begin reading
But her eye was drawn to the headline
How could it not be, “Poetess – ”
In bold, italicized print, it said
“First Effort Rings with Profundities ...”

Stunned, she stares at the word
Wondering if she should continue
Reading the review – a lengthy one
Or fetch the dictionary, make sure
She knows what the word means

The Oxford Concise is anything but
And she must hunt to find her
Magnifying glass as well – squints
To find that yes, abstruse is there
But also, profound, and depth of intellect

Not content to accept the praise
She ferrets out meanings for abstruse
Also; she does after all, have out
The huge concise dictionary and
The magnifier – no mean feat this

Ah yes, difficult to understand,
Recondite (see synonyms at ambiguous)
Satisfied that her poems are as
Abstract and difficult as she
Thinks she has intended, she
Puts away the dictionary

Begins finally to read the review
Glancing back at the headline
Now and then.

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