Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PoeticAsides November Challenge Day 15 prompt "Just when you thought it was safe to ..."

When Integrity is on the Line

Just when I thought they could stoop no lower
When I was sure then had reached the bottom
Of the educational barrel, scraped the dregs
From whatever scraps of society they decided
To rob for whatever reasons they deemed
Worthy of their misguided ivory tower esteem
They pull this last of most unbelievable stunts

Take one professor, their best prof actually
And the only one who knows the subject
Matter he teaches – which is highly technical
And changing daily but which has historical
Importance as well- this prof is actually more
Valuable than they realize and he is less than
A year from retirement but, when push came
To shove over a matter of principle, the powers
That be, have forced him to take the high road

How could they imagine he would do anything
Different – how can they be this short-sighted
Everyone in the industry their graduates will
Be looking to take their shiny diplomas into
Will be suspect now, because they are letting
This prof walk out of there instead expelling
A student for cheating – he won’t talk about
It but you can bet the other students will

And so will his many contacts in the industry,
All of whom were scandalized when it was
Suggested that this might be the outcome
Of this issue but equally certain it would
Not be – it is a small industry, and a close-knit
One; I don’t envy the students who won’t
Get to finish their education with this man
But will have to contend with the student
Who has put them in an untenable situation
They will all be viewed with scepticism
Due to these unfortunate circumstances

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