Friday, December 17, 2010

Big Tent poetry prompt - Dead Man Poetry

The Dead Psych Patient

Roaming the halls mumbling to herself she knows she seems crazier
Than usual; they will never let her out if she keeps this up
She doesn’t much care, the food’s not that bad
And she’s not cooking it, so that’s a plus
The voices in her head blend with the voices on the ward
Until pretty soon they’re indistinguishable; she’s not sure that’s a bad thing
The itch to cut her wrists has gone from vertical to horizontal so she considers
Herself no longer suicidal just attention-seeking, a vast improvement
Sometimes she wonders if sanity is over-rated, most time she knows it is.

More Dead Psych Patient Poetry

Pretty much like Picasso, she sees herself as a master scam artist, fooling them all
There’s nothing wrong with her head or in it – she just has their number
Knows which buttons to push and when, and is not afraid at all
The loony bin is a refuge par excellence, she thinks, and crawls into it every chance she gets
Every now and again she feels a twinge, a flick in the synapses that gets her wondering
If maybe there might be something just a bit wrong with her after all
She knows it’s silly and there’s nothing to be gained by going down that road
But sometimes, she can’t help herself; there are things for which she has no explanation
She tries not to dwell on them but she is not always successful, not at all.


  1. I enjoyed this. I like the contrast between her as a scam artist and Picasso.

  2. This is somehow a very comforting poem. Your dead psych patient knows when she's well off, so she's not at all daft!

  3. I wonder if we've all wondered at one time or another. :) Great read, thanks!

  4. This was GREAT! It was poignant, and it also made me laugh in spots, especially about not having to cook!

  5. the dead psych patient is very politically incorrect -- which makes me have such great affection for it!! :) great combination.

  6. thanks so much for the comments all! It's an interesting form and needs much polishing and reworking I think but I would be willing to try it again I think ...

  7. So very self-aware. I like that focus, ability to claim a place, the oddly comforting voice.

  8. Darkly humorous and a little bit creepy... she seems rather at home in the psych ward. Kudos to your protagonist for that, and to you for penning her thoughts so well. :)