Friday, April 15, 2011

11.Poetic Asides April 2011 Challenge prompt, "Maybe _________"

Maybe Not

Maybe, she thought
It’s nothing
Maybe it’s just a bug
A malingering cough

But nothing
To be concerned

After all
Hadn’t she done
Possible to
Rid herself

Of the nuisance
Cold or whatever
This was

Seeing the doctor
Three, four
Half a dozen
Times at least
By now

And still
Every day
Her breathing
Grows more laboured
The coughing fits
More pronounced

Did she imagine
The shadows
Behind her doctor’s

Or a real note of concern
Sounding through
His words
As he filled

Out forms for lab tests

She tried to ask him
Calmly if there
Was anything...

He quickly hushed
Her — told her
To just go have
The tests — then
“We’ll see”.

Maybe everything would
Be just fine
Maybe not.,

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