Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetic Asides April Challenge Day 03 prompt "imagine a world without you"

Had I Not Lived

There was I time
I would have said
It wouldn’t have
Made much difference

Back in my very bad
Times, spent putting
One foot in front
Of the other

But after a few
Better, even good
Years — had I not lived
One man and two girls

Would have been
The poorer for
Not having had
Me in their lives

I know this because
They tell me so
In moments
Of weakness

Had I not lived
Some gossips I am acquainted with
Would have been denied
Rich amounts of material

Every time I
Stepped off the curb
In a new and spectacular

And even some friends
And acquaintances
Would not have had the
Heart-warming feeling

That can only be gained
By helping one as needy
As I know I tended to be

Had I not lived
I believe a great number
Of people might not
Be the kind, compassionate
Folks they turned out to be

I could be wrong
Entirely – maybe most of them
Would have found another
Needy, hopeless, helpless
Type to care for ...
Had I not lived, who knows?

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