Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetic Asides April Challenge Day 19 prompt love poem and unlove poem

The Things You Do That Make Me Love You

The way you read your book “very close”
Meaning you need to nod off for a bit
In your recliner after work and your face
Relaxes into its youthful vulnerability
When you do, and it’s all I can do to keep
From running my hand down your cheek
Smoothing your brow, touching your hair.

The way you come up behind me ten times
A day and slip your arms around my waist
Nuzzle my neck the way you always have
Breathe me in as if you just have to
And hum snatches of the most sentimental
Songs ever in my ear just loud enough
To make my soul feel like dancing

How, when we’re out somewhere very
Ordinary – like the grocery store or buying
Plants for the garden and we get separated
For a bit; I’ll feel this warmth suffusing me
And look up and always, your eyes will be on me
Full of that look they have always had – as if
You cannot believe your luck, and how much
Love you hold for me is spilling all over ...


How Don’t I Love Thee
(don’t let me count the ways – not only will it lead to arguments – we don’t have that much time!)

In the bed, when you lie horizontally
And wind yourself up tighter
Than any Egyptian’s mummy
In top-sheet and duvet

And when you insist you sleep
Better with me in our bed
Then out and no, you are not
Bothered by my reading light
Then proceed to glare or frown at me
Every fifteen minutes or so
Until I either vacate the bed
Or douse the light

When you insist on spending
Quality time with me
In front of our family room TV
With the “mute” on the whole time.

You can’t abide most announcers
Or commercials either – fair enough
But – you really don’t
Want to talk either

Still, you resent my sliding
Over to “Red Tosh” (my laptop)
Me - figuring since I can’t hear
The TV anyhow, and chatting
Is obviously too distracting ...
Wonder what your problem is
When  I catch you frowning at me

Mostly though? How guilty I feel
Putting any of these things down
In writing, they seem so bloody
Picayune when lined up against
All the good things you do ...
Still – sometimes ...

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