Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poetic Asides Wednesday June 1.2011 - prompt "serious" poem

Ever Since You Left

Ever since you left our place
The house feels unfurnished
Dinner is never quite ready
Laundry always needs folding
And the dog smells like old winter

Ever since you stumbled away
Cradling your arm like a fragile child
Your bed remains alive and weeps
We don’t speak of you anymore
And your girlfriend has not called but once

Ever since I first began waking early
Picturing you at the foot of our bed
Shadowy and younger than you are now
The scent of dead leaves crawls in my shoes
And pulling the covers over my head hurts.

Ever since we spoke words we cannot recall
That drove you away from here forever
There has been nothing for us to do, to think
No way to be, or even breathe at times
But one cannot hold one’s breath very long

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