Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Have and Have Not

I am drawn to those humbled
By greatness and by any abundance
That comes their way
But find equally appealing those
Who lack much but are too proud
To ask for that which they need
Are just grateful to receive whatever
Is freely given
It is an unusual dichotomy admittedly
And not one I can explain
It just is.


  1. Yes, I do hear what you are saying. For me, I think it is more about attitude than whether a person has a lot or a little. Neither position is better or worse; just different....but attitude of either could be either positive or negative. Anyway, that is what I think. Glad you found Vice Versa!

  2. So much better than the reverse attitudes!

  3. Thank you both - for coming, reading and commenting and, of course - for getting the gist!