Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grey Matters

It's insidious
The schism that develops
mind deep
Where grey-matter drifts
apart like continents
Stretching synaptic limbs,
waving across
An ever-widening split

Trying to maintain
balance, the gentle
inner ear cannot
Get a fix on the tinny
echoes threatening
to tip the whole
tinted miasma

There has been
No warning,
Nothing like a prelude,
Or an overture;
The nicks occurring
regularly throughout
The disordered mind
are tiny—
Infinitesimal really—

They accrue
until their number
is such, they are linking
with vivid intensity
Bloodying the grey
Widening the chasm
Creating an
unbreachable abyss



  1. Oh Sharon! I love the second stanza, all of the piece, really. It feels like an exploration of madness-- the separateness it carries. This is quite well written. I applaud you.

  2. Such lovely word choices... this is an amazing piece, Sharon! I especially like the first 2 stanzas.

  3. Somehow your writing and mine are on the same beach walking together. These wordles extract some interesting insights. I love this piece. Sorry I have been out of touch for a while.

  4. Wow! My friend, this is an intense bit of work. There is power driving your thoughts throughout this piece. Impressive and awe inspiring, Sharon!

  5. A delightfully strong piece of work. Enjoyed it immensely!

  6. Incredibly intense and realistic. I watched someone I care about deeply go through this experience. However, there is another path than the one to madness that is very similar. The creative mind follows the same corridors but manages to instantaneously build a bridge across that blooming abyss. Have you ever read Felman's book "Writing And Madness?" Your creativity is alive and blooming here,


  7. I'm with Brenda. This is intense, and feels all too real. Excellent work.

  8. A most engaging poem which caught my imagination and thoughts. It all matters very much indeed, especially when one tries to write about anything....


  9. Rich engaged writing, this portion:

    "Where grey-matter drifts
    apart like continents
    Stretching synaptic limbs,
    waving across
    An ever-widening split"


  10. And just like that it's Thursday eve again, the night before the early words hit the boards for the next wordle - wow - time sure evaporates, yes? Thanks to all who came, read and commented - and so insightfully ... esp note to Elizabeth, I will be checking out the book you've recommended (I've read quite a few on this topic actually but not heard of Felman's so am happy for the reference thanks) - I do agree with those who think there's a link between craziness and creativity - luckily for me, huh? Thanks again all.

  11. The new list is up and I'm not looking - I'm visiting a few more from last week, yours being one...No kidding time gets away. I wonder if left without a clock if our 'grey matter' would keep it's own time more accurately - thanks for delving into the mind for us all...

    My - last weeks, is here:

  12. Damn, Sharon and Jules, I know what you mean. I've skipped answering comments and simply visiting sites of folks who leave messages on the blog.

    Sharon, this was bitterly deep, much like my own journey. I feel connected to this poem in so many ways, especially the chasm. Hard to come back once that has appeared, and so many go over the edge and are swallowed up.

    GREAT WORK. Peace, Amy