Sunday, September 9, 2012


In the rugged splendour
that is south-central Italia
Remnants of warriors fierce
and their battles fought
May be heard echoing in the silence
that is the non-blessing of priests
Who deigned not visit areas
deemed too remote for God
to waste his precious time on

The suffering of the poverty-stricken
who by geographical misfortune
alone were denied the grace
bestowed by Roma

Lesser tribes may have been cowed
by such blatant disregard
but centuries of chauvinistic
persecution has not shaken
a faith more solid than
some of the marble idolatry
found in other more ostentatious
places of worship

It is as if by not having had to deal
with the intermediaries -
ambitious priests, cardinals and such -
They have met directly with
their God and in so doing, their
beliefs remained clear and strong.




  1. This is just beautiful, Sharon. Especially:
    "Remnants of warriors fierce
    and their battles fought
    May be heard echoing in the silence"

  2. Interesting, and full of images. I love the fourth stanza with its references to "ostentatious places of worship." I've seen a few of those. Beautiful write.

  3. "echoing in silence" ahhhhh classic S.E. Ingraham - who else could write that???? Stunning... and then the vivid mix of poetry,politics and papism... If ever I were to contemplate a joint blog you would certainly be top on my list of invitees!!!

  4. Although not from a too remote environment, I find a deep echo of agreement with your words. When it comes to relationship with God/Divinity, I find the intermediaries too often get in the way because they are so absolutely convinced that no one can possibly see as clearly as they do. Never realizing that getting out from behind their shadow creates the clearest view of all. I really like this piece, what you have to say, and the manner in which you have said it. Brava!


  5. This is a very powerful poem. I love the: "that is the non-blessing of priests /
    Who deigned not visit areas /deemed too remote for God /to waste his precious time on" - very poignant.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I really like this. When not corrupted by anyone or organised religion, faith needs no name and also knows its own way of finding God.
    This is such a fabulous read!

  7. I like how the poem ends - grin - it follows my own beliefs: no in-betweens needed.

  8. this is bitter, bitter, and so sweet. Indeed - hard to imagine the "men of God" who:
    deigned not visit areas
    deemed too remote for God
    Superb lines, among many others! The ending is solid.

  9. I do so enjoy your poetry, and this one is no exception.

  10. Some beautiful lines in this, Sharon. The ending is powerful indeed.


  11. That we all should be allowed to believe as we wish without condemnation. I remember visiting Italy. And marveling at the Colosseum - sanctioned death is still death. A very enjoyable read.

    Thanks for visiting my story. The Wordling community is one of my favorite places.

  12. Just fabulous, Sharon. All the words and ideas were forged together seamlessly.

  13. A beautiful poem. The "intermediaries" can be bad. However, there are good priests out there, and good solid parishes, too. Takes time to find them. I was discouraged by church quite a few times, but I would come back, because deep inside I always felt that it was about a particular priest, a particular place of worship, and I just needed to keep looking. I've been very fortunate to meet wonderful priests on my journey.