Saturday, April 6, 2013


Imagine the spark that fired
or misfired the synapse
Activating the one  urging me
to undertake a project
At once so stellar and delicious,
It made me over-ride
My usual mantra singing,
"Too much, it will be too much"
Bared the over-inquisitive cells,
Until any reticence ordinarily snugged
in place, merged with some inexplicable
Desire to once more work with the technology
Join with others in a like-minded unity
And write a poem-a-day, at least


  1. Even a little poem counts, so I'm rooting for you to write one a day, as your concluding line suggests you will!

    My Sunday Whirl

  2. Writing a poem a day is not the problem. Making it say something worth reading is another, it has to touch all the senses.

  3. Love your using NaPoWriMo as the inspiration for your poem today is smart, smart. It was not "too much," although mine was, ha ha. There is real meaning here, especially in "imagine the spark," the imagery of that beginning. Good for your, Sharon! Love, Amy