Saturday, June 29, 2013


(another for Baby Girl M)

Every day without him,
               I am grown
               more confused,
               like a bird
               who flies no more.
I am fallen,
               on an island wild,
               one with bars
               and no bridge
               back to reality.
The longer I stay here,
               the more
               unstable I become.
I dream I bend the bars,
               step through
               into a meadow bright,
               in the country
               of my birth.
And in my dream,
               my baby girl
               cries for me...
Instead of letting her die,
               I scoop her up
               and I rock her
               in my arms.
We escape then,
               into the lane
               behind the house.
The place where
               her Daddy and I
               were letting her die.
It is then I awake
               and it is more
               than I can bear
Every day without her
               I retreat,
               a little more.



  1. This is a direct and incredible piece of writing. Filled with tenderness, loss, love, and deep deep sadness. I want to say it is beautiful, but that doesn't sound right and yet it is. Honesty is always beautiful in its own fashion. This made me cry.


  2. I have to let this one settle it. I'm touch on several levels.

  3. This truly is an emotive piece as the reader is drawn into narrators story.

  4. Ouch! That is a very heartfelt and poignant piece.

  5. Sad and honest this blazed a path through my spirit. Beautiful work...I love this.

  6. It is so sad and tugs at the heart!! It captures all the pathos of the situation that they find themselves!!

  7. Such a sad dream! Your words are very moving .

  8. Goodness, Sharon. I'm always in awe of you, but this one is just incredible. Structure, flow, everything. Whew.

  9. Thanks to all of you for coming, reading and commenting...this was a departure for me. I haven't wanted to imagine how it might be for the mother of this infant given that both she and the father have been charged with murdering the child, but they have been kept separate since their apprehension and there's a part of me that would like to believe she's remorseful...