Sunday, June 9, 2013


She is life lived in the margins of society
Never below the fold of the page
and never above, always in the crease                           
She has been kicked to the curb more times
than she can remember
and steps off there also, when things go
strange, which is often
Parks are her places, the ones where she
knows to lay her head
Not yards -- that was a life lesson learned --
not to curl up in private yards
Thunder in the streets means the trains are
rolling hard or else, it's going to pour
And she has to gauge if the skies are about
to start spewing
Or if it's just jets overhead again;
She's  aware that  her status
is that of disenfranchised
But she doesn't much care,
She's just careful not to spill
what little she has left of sane.


  1. A bit depressing but perfect in imagery and description. Often times there are people cornered into hard times and you've said it out loud! Nicely SE!


  2. Very sad, but there is some wisdom there. Your writing often casts light on the disenfranchised. Thank you for that. I love my stops here.

  3. You paint such a unique portrait of the inner soul. There are some people who can really relate to your words. Powerful verses here.

  4. You could be writing about me. Being mentally ill without ever having received proper support means living a marginalized life. It has been all I can do not to think of myself as a loser for living in a run-down, squalid mobile home. I do work full time but I shudder to think what would happen to me if I lost this job. It is the sort of thing I can do even when the depression is extremely bad. That is not easy to find.

  5. Love this! Every word, written with grace and compassion. Truly stunning in a collection of your work of sparkling gems :)

  6. This is wonderful, Sharon. I especially like:

    Not yards -- that was a life lesson learned --
    not to curl up in private yards

  7. It must very difficult not to spill sane in such an environment. What a sad poem of our forgotten people.

  8. To spill one's sanity -- what an interesting concept. I love this. Imaginative and new. Great writing.

  9. Yes. Dole the "sane" sparingly. I've tried to replenish, but all the "sane" shelves were bare. Great rea/write as always Sharon!

  10. Oh wow this is wonderful, absolutely loved it and this word work beautifully at my prompt as well =)