Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Twice stolen
bones sink 
beneath open
water, wash up
in the shallows
beneath the trestle
bridge on the way
out of town

Just finding them
makes my heart
ache with the sharp
pain of losing you
The way the mess
of nerves stay raw,
open and throbbing,
calling to a phantom limb

I stand on the bridge
sway with the wind,
rock on my heels as a
train whistles by
so close, I feel
its heat, see the
engineer's wide eyes.
I turn away
and watch
the black river
below me...


  1. Heeeey. My comment disappeared into the ether just now…

    Love this lonely, solitary moment you've captured here. Beautiful.

    Love that we both smooshed the same three words together. My favorite thing about the wordles is that I always feel some of the words are already gettin' busy before I arrive on the scene. I just allow them to "get a room." ;)

  2. Very atmospheric making the reader want more.

  3. Good clear images, I like the way you wrote this.