Sunday, November 4, 2012


when scramble
comes up against wrath

an eternal swelling, a shore

charming the depths
of tumultuous tangles

searching for the key
of upbeat in the sea of rotten

before reason flees
enabling insane a toehold

swallow the fear


  1. The tone is playful, and the content serious. There's an odd tension in the piece that charms reader me. Each couplet resounds, but that first one hooked me. I really like "searching for the key of upbeat in the sea of rotten," too. Excellent write, Sharon-- Brava!

  2. I also like "searching for the key of upbeat in the sea of rotten", there is a lesson in that. Excellent write, Sharon.


  3. Wow, kiddo, I am amazed you are able to even compose a poem, given what you have been through. I applaud you. Your world just got swallowed up. You are brave. Keep writing your way through, kiddo. It will take time, but it will get better.

  4. I love the word choice for the opening ("when scramble comes up against wrath"). The personification, in those brief lines, built an epic battle.

  5. Run or Fight: Scramble -- Wrath.

  6. A powerful wordle poem about an uncomfortable state.

  7. Nicely crafted, but mostly the uncurrent of it is amazing. Gave me a shiver at the end. Well done.

  8. All that has been said already...Emotions are the tides of men. Well Wordled!

    Still adding to my story:

  9. You use the words creatively to define and describe the human response of flight or fight when threatened. There are times when one or the other is appropriate. Really like your poem as a whole. Swallowing the fear can bring on indigestion, but also the energy needed for either choice. Good one,


  10. I like how you used all the words from the Sunday Whirl. Searching for the key - my favorite line!

  11. This seems to describe the perfect start of a panic attack. The imagery seems as Brenda says, playful and yet, isn't. I agree, the only way to deal with fear is to face it and then wonder why on earth we were ever so afraid.