Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Tent's Gong Poems - new-to-you Gong Poem Day 4

from rob mclennan's wild horses, poem 'the girl from abbotsford' (borrowed the line - "I am holding your taste like a verb on my tongue")

your leaving scars me still

two years one month four days
i waken, my hand on your pillow
still lonely for your warmth

your cat curls at my feet
but is still not my cat does not
purr ever — awaits your return

i continue to lose weight
food does not interest me
nothing does really –

i am holding your taste
like a verb on my tongue
afraid to swallow your tense

i wonder how long it takes
for wounds to fully heal
if scars ever fade

perhaps they are all
that keep me here remind
me of you that i was loved

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