Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Tent's Gong Poems - new-to-you Gong Poem Day 5

Big Tents new-to-you Gong Day 5 – again from rob mclennan’s wild horses, this time from the poem,
“map of Edmonton (rossdale flats, part 3) – a couple of lines: “the black dog burns & then howls a fingernail moon”

Lock Down on the Psych Ward

It has been too calm and quiet
An overcast sky gives way
To black punched through
With sequin-sparkly rips arranged
Like constellations if you
Squint hard through the wire
Netting on the windows

There’s a ripple through the place
And a bit of a scorched scent wafts
And now, the black dog burns
Then howls a fingernail moon up
High, and the silence breaks loud
With the moaning of lunatics
Caged inside buildings, and heads

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