Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Tent's Gong Poems - new-to-you Gong Poem Day 6

Day 6 new-to-you Big Tent Gong poem, sticking with rob maclennan’s wild horses, this time from his
poem,  “poem that echoes another poem”  - borrowed two lines that grabbed me,
“swollen on a branch of never-seen
envy furls & unfurls”

Foundling Beauty

Buried ‘neath trash and stink
Deep enough to rot, it mewled
Softly but with musical cries
Of such profound tones – even
Those without anything were
Stopped in the streets
Held captive there, listening

Mesmerized, wondering
At the feelings stirred – long
Dormant emotions thought
Dead and stored swollen
On a branch of never-seen, they
Were like envy that furls and unfurls
Shooting tiny half-recalled
Wisps of thoughts skittering

Catching on the truth
Of always-known but lost
They began to paw through
The dumpster, careful now, gently
Stopping, listening, listening
Hoping against knowledge
Against truth and ugliness
To find it before it became
Just more flotsam, another corpse
To join the wreckage of their lives.


  1. This is undoubtedly my favourite of all your gongs so far.

  2. Please can you tell me where your header picture is from? I have a nagging feeling that I know this place.