Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Tent's Gong Poems - new-to-you Gong Poem Day 7

Day 7 Gong Big Tent Poetry new-to-you, final poem based on rob maclennan’s wild horses, this time lines taken from his poem “madrigal for john & jean” -  two lines from different parts of the poem (a departure for me but it felt right) “where they meet a still distinction” and “in the undertow of rhythm and bees”

dreaming the lake

bull-rushes all around and swathes
of dry wheat stalks almost obscure
the reflections of the rich owners’

mansions— almost but tonight
they are mirrored so perfectly
it is as if another group of elaborate

houses lies beneath the calm surface
a surreal Atlantis where I could slip
and enter the fantasy as easily

as entering any other village
the demarcation point where they
meet, a still distinction

it would not be drowning or death
but gentle in the undertow I’d be
taken in the rhythm of the bees

1 comment:

  1. enjoyed the subtle sneak of a gentle undertow and bees....