Tuesday, October 19, 2010

for Big Tent's prompt October 18.2010 - something scary


usually in disguise
she steals into
daydreams and
haunts the back
of elementary school
but if you look
for her, you
will never find
her; you may
see what appears
to be feathers
fluttering out of the
corner of your eye
but even turning
quickly will not
afford you a glimpse

it will be hard to
say when you first
realized she is omni-
prescent and chameleon-
like and she makes
the hair on your
scalp hurt

you know she is
dangerous but
she’s camouflaged so
skilfully it’s
difficult to put your
finger on just what
it is about her
that worries you so;
you want to hide
your children whenever
you sense her nearness
and you sense
it more often
then you like to

some evenings she
chases you from
your house as far
as the field by
the highway and once,
she led you to the
bridge; you suspect
it is she that takes
you to the hospital
but no-one believes
you, not even you

she is scarier than
the monster under
the bed or in
the closet, she
just is, and sometimes
when you sit in the
garage with the car
idling and the door closed,
she comes there too.



  1. Fascinating and wonderful. I started with "fluttering out of the/ corner of your eye" as my favorite lines, but I adore stanza four. The images in that set are riveting.

    Nice to read you, S.E. (And welcome to the Tent!)

  2. I would rather not sense she is there! LOL! This was totally creepy!