Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Tent Poetry prompt - using New York Times best-seller titles Nov.12.10

The Reckless Bride

Talk around the village was she wouldn’t show
There were even rumours bets were being taken
but if there were, it was very much on the down-low

Whisperings throughout the church ranged from
Outright mean gossip down to pity for the poor parents
Getting poorer with every jilted groom but my, didn’t

They look grand in their finery, sitting ram-rod straight
There in the front pew, facing forward, smiling grimly
Determined that this time it would work, it was a go

Of a sudden, Mendelssohn’s trumpet oratorio rang out
From the organ in the loft; as if automatons, the congregation
Rose as one, turned to the rear, wondered then, why Dad

Was already seated – what was up with that – when the doors
Slammed open and in fairytale splendour, the bride, fire in her eyes
Scarlet hair loose, riding side-saddle on an ivory stallion, appeared

Never was there such a sight as this bride riding to her groom
Nodding left and right as if to peasants and she their queen
Every mouth agape but not unpleasantly so – and when almost

At the front, she slid gracefully from the steed, turned him gently,
Flicked his rump and sent him trotting straight down the aisle and out
Then lowering her veil primly o’er her face, she stepped up to her man


  1. Oh, this is so fun. I love her free spirit. Well-written, reads smoothly.
    Victoria (liv2write2day)

  2. She showed - and she showed in style! I actually cheered when I heard the Mendelssohn. Such a finely written story poem, I felt I was there. Well done!

  3. Now that is what I call creative! I love what I visualize when I read your poem. It brings back my childhood and my love of horses. (Psst, I am even later than you were in posting my poem!)

  4. Thank you for the comments - it was fun to imagine and write; I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

  5. A brilliant interpretation of the book title: I love to think of your reckless bride as serially enjoying her own near-weddings and getting more creative with each near-miss, until her entrance was so magnificent that she had to go through with it.

  6. All I can say, is that poor groom is in for a life of problems! ;o)
    Very fun read!

  7. Fun romp of a poem. Very entertain.