Friday, November 12, 2010

Poetic Asides November 2010 Challenge "Forget Everything________"

Forget Everything

There is nothing sweeter to my ears than the phrase
That turns most others’ on their heels or angry
And that is to simply, “forget everything” – it doesn’t
Matter if it’s what you’ve heard, or what you know,
Or what you think you know – just tell me to forget it
And I assure you, it’s a done deal – when you have
Doily brain – I’ll give you a moment to affix that visual—
That’s right, a brain filled with more holes than cloth

Memory is fickle at best, fly-by-night, unreliable
For certain, and what I am able to contain within
These untenable walls, these heretofore perfectly
Normal channels of thought, but recently riddled
As if by shrapnel or bombs or more exactly, electricity
Is so hit-or-miss, I don’t make promises to recall
Anything for any length of time, just that I will try;
Being told to forget things is such a reprieve, it’s
Purely amazing – as if wiping a slate clean for me is
A gift of such magnitude I hope to long recall it


  1. Doily brain - a superb description.

  2. I think the phenomenon recounted in your poem is catching. I must remember 'doily brain' I must remember...I must...

    PS the word didn't look right to me, and was surprised to find my dictionary lists three spellings: doily, doyley and doyly. I think the middle one is the English version, and the etymology is that it was the name of a famous haberdasher.

  3. Thanks for that info Viv - I've always loved both the word and the lacey dainty things it describes but had no idea of etymology or other spellings - interesting ... and of course, it fits the brain/mind thing rather well - at least for me!