Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poetic Asides November Challenge Day 20 prompt "right or wrong poem"

Just Because

There’s nothing wrong with it, she tells me
I’ve made up my mind; I’m going ahead with it

Just because it’s not wrong doesn’t make it right
I tell her – it is the title of one of my favourite
Parenting books and says exactly what I want to

Her nose crinkles up the way it did when she was five
And she smiles coyly at me as if she doesn’t get me
But I know she does; our kids know how to think

Not what to think, and that’s the point here
She’s well aware of how little wiggle worm I am
Willing to allow her – it’s important that she remember

Some things will never change no matter how grown up
She gets – I ask her finally if she really feels there is nothing
Wrong with the plan, why is she talking to me about it

Why didn’t she just go ahead and go on vacation with the guy
And work on the farm with his mother and keep to herself

Her suspicions about what the farm really is, what his Mom
Does to make a living – if it’s not wrong, why is it she doesn’t

Want her Dad to know some of the details about her plans
I wonder; she looks away and I can tell her resolve is weakening

The rest will have to be up to her but that’s the way of it—
After a certain point, it’s all you can do as a parent – teach them
Inform them, then trust them to do the right thing ...

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