Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baker's Dozen, Dec.14.10 prompt "shoes"

Fashion, Comfort or Sexiness

There is this song I love, I think it’s called
“In These Shoes?” and the singer describes
Outrageous activities her guy might like her
To partake of but always she demurs saying,
“In these shoes?”

I picture a trendily dressed woman sporting
Four inch stilettos in black patent or red leather
Both of which reside in my own cupboard but both
Of which rarely see much action these days
Aging ankles being what they are

And the demand for comfort being what it is
My very favourite shoes of the moment are
A pair of flat slip-ons that cost the earth but
Saw me through France and Italy with ease
And still look brand new

Still, every now and then, I need the swish
Of a fluted skirt, preferably something silky
And then out come the heels just for an evening
I might pay for it the next day but I feel it’s worth
It to feel sexy and  fashionable, just for awhile

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