Monday, December 13, 2010

Baker's Dozen prompt "snow" Sat.Dec.11.10

Awaking to Silence

At first I wonder what it is
The noiselessness is uncanny
And every year it takes me
By surprise, the first time
It occurs; the very first
Blanketing, heavy snowfall
The one that starts sometime
In the night and continues
Non-stop, throughout all
The hours while I am sleeping

On the odd occasion I have
Awakened during the night
The white-outs are so complete
It is like waking into a dream world
One where nothing is as it was
For the air is thick with flakes
And seeing anything outside is futile
There is not one recognizable
Feature past the windows

Snow of this magnitude
Is awe-inspiring;  it layers itself
Like wedding-cake icing
Upon every surface,
Burying cars and mailboxes
Sometimes drifting
So high, people have to wait

For others to shovel out their
Doors before they can
Come out of their houses;
This is odd granted,
But it does happen at times
Just one more reason to live
In this remarkable snow
Bound silent place – the risk.

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