Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baker's Dozen poem prompt "mistletoe" Dec.9.2010

The Final Touch

Get out the angel, the creepy one
Who moves just slightly, robotic-like
But oh-so-lovely as her head tilts
This way, then that – now the tiny
House that’s lit within, and then the group
Of singers, old-fashioned, on a corner

Next, the willow-fashioned candy-cane
Trimmed with tartan ribbon and sparkles
Fits perfectly on the front door
And the wreath that Mom made one year
Over the hall table; this year she finally
Made her ball tree with the knitting
Needle spire– it’s gorgeous but you have
To see it to believe – too hard to describe

Garlands of red wrap around the banister
Candles festooning  surfaces,  as the porcelain
Nativity takes its place atop the china cabinet;
Dig out all the CD’s, tapes, and vinyl – Christmas
Music is a must; the tree is the last thing
Almost – the very last touch, just as “I Saw
Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” hits the turntable,
Up goes the mistletoe, right on cue ... ah yes,
Mix the pagan with the religious, throw in
Santa, and Christmas has arrived here for sure.

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  1. Sharon~ I love this one, and the picture really tops it off!