Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Tent's Dec.20 prompt, wordles

Questing for A Child

How long, he wondered, were they going to continue
And in the wondering felt a twinge, a slight one
But still of being just a bit disloyal as if by wondering

He might topple the whole program bring about its
Swift demise and with that thought, he felt a fist squeeze
His heart, knew his wondering would affect his performance

Any possibility of his help in the process would vanish
They would never get her pregnant, his wife
The more he thought about it, the more immense the whole

Issue seemed; it took on a life of its own until he couldn’t think
Of anything else, their trying to have a baby was like an engine
Idling in the basement – or a bull tied up with ropes down there, snorting

And pawing at the ground; sometimes he would awake in the night
And swear he could hear the animal making noises so raw
It sounded hoarse, as he lay in the dark, feeling used up, worried, toppled.


  1. Those last two stanzas are wonderful - I have been through that (in fact, that's what my first chapbook is about) and that image of the bull is fantastic.

  2. An achingly sensitive poem. I remember some of those feelings, which you have expressed so beautifully.

  3. Sharon~ Wonderful piece, my friend! As usual, you have a done a beautiful job expressing such intense feelings on a very delicate issue. Great imagery, too.

  4. Terrific response to the Wordle!

  5. Powerful imagery - it wraps itself into each word of the piece. Nice!