Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Tent poetry prompt Jan.24.11- photographer's perspective on a photo not my own

 A Road to Take

My time here grows short I fear
And still I cannot resist the lure
Of the road, this one particular
Winding, beckoning, dirt road

For it is down this travel-way
I last saw my love, as she sped
Away on the back of a Harley
Davidson motorcycle, her arms

Wrapped tightly about the waist
Of another man, her fair hair
Whipping about her head
As she rested it against his back

The smell of the sea changes daily
And today there is the scent
Of a storm approaching; I have
Been here long enough to know

The subtle differences carried
On the breeze; there is nothing
Subtle about today’s sea-change
However, it is all cordite and sulphur

A harbinger of particularly bad
Weather – surely this will bring
The motor-cyclers home again
I am thinking as I set up my camera

To take yet more time-lapsed photos
Hoping to capture at least a glimpse
Of my love as she re-enters this world,
And mine, again – even as I sleep.

Would she stay away were she to
Discover I am pining to death
For need of her, just the sight of her
Might bring me back to life, I think


  1. Disconsolation is the word that comes to my mind. And the idea there are some indelible images that come back and back and back.


  2. A melancholy yearning that stumbles in my heart. Beautiful piece.

  3. How cheerless and dispirited. Beautiful but so much pain exists there and haunts.

  4. thanks for reading and "getting" - I love that ...