Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Tent poetry prompt - January 17 prompt to publish the 21st 2011

Solace is found in Sugar

The weather gods are frowning outright
Threatening the city with chain lightening
And smatterings of chilly rain and all over
There are clouds the colour of slate

It is a day for curling up with a good book
A fire blazing in the grate and always by me
Sweets – all kinds of sweet comfort

First, my love brings me white-chocolate
Raspberry cheesecake – two pieces to
Savour and eat slowly – they are very dear
Over seven dollars each! I try to make them
Last and he knows this so he supplements

In addition to the cheesecake comes junk food:
Chocolate bars and M & M’s, Hostess cupcakes,
And, should my love feel the need to pamper
There will be Godiva chocolate bars too
More bits of decadence that don’t bear
Thinking about too much when it comes
To price, but are rich beyond all measure.

Hmm – I find myself suddenly at the window
Eyeing the now bright blue sky resentfully...

1 comment:

  1. i never thought i'd see a poem with m&m's and hostess

    well written.