Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Tent poetry prompt - January 7.2011 - "feet"

Feet to Feet

Forget DNA, mitochondrial or otherwise
When first I met my birth-mother
After a few hours of chatting like old friends
We both lay on her bed, staring down
At our pudgy bare feet, hers and mine

We had just been going to take a nap
But now we were giggling and amazed
For if ever there was any proof more
Convincing than these fat feet at the end
Of our legs, hers and mine, I cannot

Think what it could be – chubby feet
Incongruous at the end of fairly long legs;
My husband always maintained they were
Just more leg turned up with nails painted
On the end and here were another pair

Just like them – hah! It was in my genes
Not abnormal, just inherited ...


  1. Isn't it funny (and amazing) the things we inherit? My kids got the same little crooked pinkies that I have. Lovely poem!

  2. This is a wonderful poem. I like how you concentrated on the moment that gave that "connection". Who would have known feet could be the epiphany. Touching with a bit a humor. Love it.

  3. Wonderful - perfectly captures the delight in recognizing shared familial traits. I think it's comforting too, and helps us feel less alone in the world.

  4. A good connection. So much more personal than freckles or thin brown hair.

  5. I have short, chubby feet--incongruous with the rest of me. The one physical connection I shared with my grandmother. This is a delightful poem.