Monday, January 3, 2011

Big Tent poetry prompt -prompt "list poem" post Dec.31.2010

Planning a Send Off

First you get the call
Then you start to bawl
Maybe bang against a wall
Next you start to plan
Making lists long and grand
Trying to keep things in hand
Knowing things could go wrong
If you don’t remain strong
And the lists grow ever long
But you book a funeral guy
And he handles the where and why
And he helps you with what to buy
And he maybe tells you not to cry
Or he might also say to go ahead
If you want to scream to your dead
He’ll be someone to like, not dread
In the end you will look forward
To seeing your loved one go toward
The end, to putting them on their way
To having a good, good-bye, having a say
In how they’re finally sent away
Making sure at peaceful rest they will lay.

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