Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poetic Asides Wednesday Challenge prompt "One of These Days" February 9.11

One of These Days I’ll Get Over It

One of these days I’ll probably calm down
And my blood pressure will return to normal
The need to write letters to every editor
Of every major newspaper in the land
Will eventually subside as soon as I cannot
Think of another one I haven’t hit yet

One of these days I might even laugh at this
And mean it; not make the phony sound
I am right now when I joke about receiving
This damned award; a bloody Teddy of all things
The feds have awarded my beloved city
An award for the miss-use of taxpayers’
Dollars because – wait for it – we spent
A whole five thousand dollars on a haiku
Project to promote public transit

As our mayor said, and I couldn’t agree more
Essentially, small potatoes, and I quote
“It’s five thousand dollars. Our budget is
Three billion.” Indeed – so what the hell?
I feel slighted as an Edmontonian and a poet
We “won” over cities that spent millions
On things like a fraudulent Michael Jackson
Tour (post-death) and a real-estate scam

I thought maybe this Mr.Gaudet grew up
Here and had suffered a poetry incident
At school or something but not so far as
Google and I have been able to conclude
I just think he figures we are relatively
Harmless up here in the frozen north – well,
Winter’s been long and crappy already
And he’s piled one too many cruddy things
On the heap – I am seriously grumpy ...

One of these days – to the moon ...

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