Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pros and Cons

We are at a crossroads of sorts
Some might say an end of the road
Others intimate a new beginning
I favour the latter option and am trying
To convince you to do the same; lately
I seem to be winning you over but
Maybe you are humouring me so

I don’t end up in the cracker factory
Although you seem sincere most
Days; especially today when you
Reminded me of how we used to
Buy day-old cakes from Safeway
And have the cake-woman write ‘Pros’
On one side and ‘Cons’ on the other
With a line down the centre ....

Then all four of us armed with tubes
Of icing after dinner,  would have
A grand time, entering out thoughts
For and against: moving, changing
Schools, your new job prospects,
Opening our day home, whether
To adopt those gerbil brothers—

Remember “Dude” and “M.C. Hamster”?
One black gerbil but still... good name
Died of an unfortunate photo op
And a cat underfoot mishap... guess
We maybe should have gone with cons
On that one ... poor M.C. –  I remember
After Jules stepped on him and he just
Looked so innocently asleep, she
Wondered if he might awaken “soon”

Why is it looking back at crossroads
Or decisions in the past, things always
Seemed so much simpler then? Is it
Just that those things are finished?
Any mistakes to be made or good moves
Completed, have already take place
And hindsight is so much clearer
Than anything seen through the future’s
Dimming eyesight – still – perhaps
We should get a cake, what do you say?


  1. Wonderful. Really enjoyed this one!

  2. Simply loved this!!
    Hindsight is such a wonderful thing....


  3. I think we should definitely get a cake! How perfectly clever is that?! I love your method for reminiscing.

  4. Some days cake is the perfect cure! Loved this poem.

  5. Thanks so much Rose, Eileen, Lightverse and Mary - this poem is pretty much autobiographical (unlike most of my others) so I'm happy it tickled so many of you ...