Saturday, January 14, 2012

Praying to an Unhearing God

Each day the resolution
To not make a spectacle;
In vain, another bargain
with  God

On the surface, such calm
Until approaching the nursery
When all crisp nonchalance flees

Then, kneeling - practically
Before the broad chapel door
Hushes to a close
Before a chance to contemplate

The depth of despair
Fully takes hold
Considering the infant's skin—
the pitifully dotted skin—

Trying just to mindlessly pray
Not to contemplate
As always - if the disease
had been laying dormant
before birth

The mind's reel
Refuses to stop unspooling
Runs relentlessly on and on ...



  1. A tone of tenderness marks the turmoil and despair.

  2. You managed to work these words into a poem of great compassion as well as not so hopeful prayerfulness. Well worded.

  3. If I were the infant lying there, I would know the power of your praying...maybe not in a conscious way...but I would know.

    A Baker’s Dozen

  4. Oh Sharon - Leave it to you to bring tears of despair and yet hopeful compassion to a bright Sunday morning, Lovingly and lovely.... Sigh....

  5. "In vain, another bargain
    with God"
    That's beautifully crafted.
    (I hope this is an exercise, and not a personal reality. It certainly is a Truth)

  6. Incredibly powerful in sadness and beauty, Sharon.

  7. Thanks to all of you for your kind, heartfelt comments; the poem grows out of that scary "what if" place that I think all parents and grandparents harbour but don't like to address (I don't either but sometimes the muse wants what the muse wants...)

  8. Beautifully crafted, Sharon. In all its sadness.


  9. You wove the wordle words into something powerful and emotive. (So glad to read that it isn't based on your reality.)

  10. What a sad and heart-rending poem, Sharon. A friend recently lost her first child to stillbirth, and although that wasn't the subject of your poem, it's what came to mind as I read this.

  11. Thank you Pamela, Susannah and Traci - it's wonderful when other poets "get" your work and tell you so ...

  12. Sharon, your lovely, sorrowful poem drew me in and held me right to the last word. I love this particular phrase, "When all crisp nonchalance flees" - wonderful wording! And your last stanza is excellent; how true. Thank you for commenting on my blog - and if you can't make the challenge deadline but want to do it, I will just save your gift until you get back from holiday and can submit a poem! (Just remind me, lol) :) I'm now following your blog, and look forward to reading more of your work. ~ Julie