Saturday, February 18, 2012


Your Pompeii columns reminded me
Of a recent vacation I took to Paestum
So much so I went to your web-site
To learn more about you

And was swept up by your pelican
Photos which led me down the page
to your list "101 things about me" ...
And - for some reason, intrigued

By a woman I don't know but who
Loves pelicans and Pompeii
I found myself studying the list,
Alternately going, "me too"
And "really? that's interesting ..."

What an odd world we live in now
When through the ether we meet
Someone - in a manner of speaking -
Discover commonalities that link us
Warm our hearts, make us feel
Closer, in many ways, than we've
Felt to real-life acquaintances
In literal, not virtual, years

Then go from there - mull it over
Possibly write about it - mull some
more; maybe book-mark their site
And remain aware of their existence
Maybe not - who knows

It's all part of the world-wide web
And the first siting of columns ...              

Pompeii (artwork) by Reena Walkling 


  1. I love how you have done this!! Doing something out of the ordinay and unexpected. Awesome job!!

  2. that is very is amazing the people we meet and the connections we make with people we have never seen...i like your approach and know it will make reena smile as well...

  3. Sharon- This is a fresh approach to the prompt. I love it. We know all too well about forming virtual friendships, don't we?

  4. Sharon, you are so right. Sometimes we feel closer and / or have more commonalities with people we meet in cyberspace than with people we meet face to face! Unusual world, this. Or is it? I enjoyed your poem.

  5. Isn't it amazing that our writing can bring us together...

    Enjoy your take on this....and yes, I too am following her blog - its amazing ~

  6. Wonderful take on the prompt, and well said. It is a beautiful thing we have, this ability to share our thoughts and lives from so many, and varied, places.

  7. Lovely take on the prompt... the world is such a small place connecting as we do through this world wide web.

  8. excellent...connectivity is key...temporary or otherwise...this feels like a flying carpet ride over the known, while exploring the un...known


  9. Oh this is really nice and fun. I am enjoying this prompt and love your poem.

  10. very cool... when i first started blogging i would've never thought to meet so many fantastic people from all over the world and some of them are such close friends now, even though we never met...that's one of the internet blessings for sure...very nice and personal take on the prompt..

  11. This echoes my feelings exactly. Just in the last 3 weeks I've met so many talented, supportive and friendly people- all via the web- I might never meet them face t face- but does that matter? This was a very creative take on the prompt- introspective - you showed us an image of you- and your feelings. It is an odd world- but poems like this help us make sense of it. Enjoyed very much

  12. You may take one from column A and one from column B...

  13. Thanks so much to all of you for coming here, reading the poem and making such interesting comments ... it was admittedly a bit of a different type effort for me and I'm glad so many liked it. I have to say though - bonus marks to booguloo for making me laugh out loud with his clever reply. Thanks again to all.

  14. Yes, it is a wondrous way of connecting it took me way too long to blown away by it. Loved your poem.

  15. You are very right, and an interesting way to describe it all and especially to use the prompt. K.

  16. Thanks to you both, Sherry and Manic - I love that you both "get" it ... was trying, yet again to explain this unique connection to the love of my life and he's still unable to grasp it ... glad you liked the poem.