Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It seems Christmas is barely past
Before open-heart season up and slaps  
The populace with all its fullness              
The newly in love, with emotion just
beginning to surface
The long married unhappy ones cradling
old love, now stillborn
Only the foolish refuse to recognize the reality
Snip out the love sounds from the rhubarb that is life sound
Love in life is endemic

One would have to be blindfolded
To miss the influx of: cherubs, chocolates, jewelery,
and "I love you" cards
Chiming advertisements of same, ready to ambush
the unwary and the hardened alike

Every year on this day
Those deeply in love or even just trifling with the emotion
Spoon out any crumbs of feeling burbling about their hearts
Before any notion of giving up on soul mates
Or quashing the tremble of forever more ideals
Has tickled the smocking in that part of their idealists' mind
It's as if all of love's finest qualities have sifted down into a heavenly silt
For this one day and lovers conspire to reach a zenith of ecstasy unparalleled
Every year on this day        



  1. spoon out crumbs of feeling....and for one day....i dont know man i dont put that much stock in one day...but maybe it saves a few...smiles...

  2. Yeah don't buy the one whole day aspect either, but I guess it has it's purpose in some round about way. Great verse!

  3. So well put! I love the "open-heart season" - sounds like it comes right after bow hunting, which would be appropriate I suppose! Thanks for sharing this one.

  4. I agree about the consumerism and play-up of false love, particularly in how it affects our children. They're taught young to get excited about gifts of "love" and to feel that no gifts are enough ... both on V-Day and Christmas. That being said, we do love decorating, making cards and cupcakes, etc. And my husband has been especially sweet this year. I just don't care for made-up holidays that make people want to spend more money on things that will end up in the trash anyway.

  5. This really didn't strike me as sarcastic at all, just a clear-eyed look at the way Valentine's Day has been blown all out of proportion. Very nicely written!

  6. I prefer my love spread evenly throughout the year rather than globbed into a big heap on one day!
    Nice write :)

  7. I love the punches of unbridled poetry here - "open-heart season", "sifted down to a heavenly silt" - that infuse this piece with a wit that bites as sharply as it barks.

  8. Thanks all - for reading and commenting - I'm happy when other poets seem to "get" my stuff and all of you had some pretty insightful things to say ... thanks again.

  9. I concur whole heartedly!!!
    Everyone falls for it...the infatuation in the beginning, however always fail to recognize and neglect the realism of monogamy...
    I've always felt that Vday is overrated, b/c all that it stands for should instead be a state of mind, and not just a calendar day. Great poem...!! :)

  10. But how do you really feel? LOL. I own a retail store and its hard to watch sometimes. The men who come in with the same look I'm sure they give their Doctors before a prostate exam. But then there are, like you say, the newly in love searching for the crown jewels to bestow their queens. There is so much here I like!

  11. it seems as though the majority of us decry the commercialism of all of the holidays.... so who's buying everything? {smile}

    thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you.

    {i couldn't comment using my wordpress i.d.}

  12. Consider me slapped! Now the rest of the year beckons...

  13. I know, I know - consider me slapped also - and sounding much too jaded (I'm not convinced that's my real self but it's sure at least one of my alter-egos)... thanks for stopping by; I appreciate it!