Thursday, February 2, 2012

Follow the Howling Bees

I know before I'm fully awake—
The humming is that pervasive
and unlike anything that exists
here on this plane ...

Bees howling comes closest
to describing the sound
deep in the woods behind
the bone yard

Only those who know
of the tunnel - and I've yet
to meet another - follow the
noise through

I am gone before I can think
about anything much
stumbling my way across
and through

Ducking my head down
I realize the buzzing is a roar;
I am praying they don't leave
without me this time

Not caring if I can find
my way back ever again
It's a portal after all ...
Who cares to come back?

Meeting the Bar - dVerse, A Martian Sharpens His Knife 


  1. Oh, I don't know if I would want to go and never come back. Depends on what was waiting on the other side.
    A tale nicely told :)

  2. Escape to the other side... So often dreamed

  3. Wow, such a vivid poem! Not sure I'd care to return either :)

  4. "It's a portal after all ...
    Who cares to come back?"

    Indeed! What a great ending. :)

  5. I'm not sure I'd be that brave...

    1. oh i know i would be right there if only i knew the way...fascinating...i am a sucker for adventure and the unknown...

  6. ET phone home - a portal to the other side. Loved it - well done!

  7. Where in the conscious or unconscious does this portal lie? An interesting take.

  8. I think I know that tunnel. I found it long ago and followed it through. The humming was a circular saw. The place lost its magic. Your verse has restored it. A big thank you!

  9. This is so rooted in its world, which makes for a terrific vividness. K.

  10. Very solid, especially for an intangible door.

  11. maybe it's not bad to stay after the idea of this transfer tunnel..

  12. "who cares to come back"

    Maybe this is not what your poem was saying, but what it said in my soul was... I don't care to go back... and even thought they say it must be done to go forward... I often think that, "who cares to come back"

    Your poem was engaging and spoke profoundly to me.


  13. This reminded me of a reoccurring dream. That place where you don't really know if your awake or asleep and also if it's a good dream or a bad dream! Maybe there some
    Significance with the tunnel- a journey taken or yet to be? And the bees, their almost menacing prescence holding you back from following your dreams. I'm probably missing the point- but I love how words can render so many meanings- really enjoyed this- got amazing images

  14. Deep in the half-sleep woods there is an edgy eerieness, an unsettling piece and much to enjoy.
    P.s. your own comment to my piece was accidentally chewed by an errant index finger of mine...mea culpa :-(

  15. We seek transcendence in way or another, away from earth and dingy realities. This theme is caught in movies like Third Encounters and Liquid Sky. That has always intrigued me, and this piem brings that desire home and evokes it with clarity and emotion.

  16. Through the portal, into the vortex. The humming reminds me of celestial music in a way. Having a bit of tinnitus, that's how I hear it: A buzz with varied tones. I'm lucky because it does not distract; rather, it entertains.

    This poem is like leaving home and going home at once. Very, very nice work, Sharon. Glad I'm back to read this type of heartfelt poetry! Amy

  17. Thanks to all who visited and wrote such interesting comments about my "Howling Bees" poem ... I can't believe I didn't get back
    here until now to reply especially since so many of your comments are so insightful and intriguing. Thank you all so much.