Sunday, March 18, 2012

Down the Hallways of Motherhood

Their lives up until now had been relatively
Free from drama but when her daughter
Suffered yet another miscarriage - and all
Sources studied indicated an inability
To carry a child to term, never mind to a successful
Delivery - she knew as sure as day follows night
It was inherent to her; she would lend a hand
Well - more than a hand actually - a womb

Positively singing with drives maternal
She offered herself as a surrogate - trying
To play down the gesture as just something
Mothers do for their daughters, knowing
There was nothing in their history previous
To this that would even come close ...
After all, there was really no limit to her love.



  1. Wow, Sharon. I knew where you were going with this (which is so clever) but was surprised by the ending. Amazing piece!!

  2. Aw Sharon... Tears...Very moving - of course beautifully written :)

  3. Sharon, this is wonderful. I was surprised by the ending, too. A lovely and inspiring write.

  4. The content of your poems always carry such heft to them. I often leave your tab open and come back to your poems when I can give them the time they deserve.

    But, a mother daughter poem... well, I had to read that now. You tell your stories so naturally, I never catch the wordle words.

    'Positively singing with drives maternal' -- what a great line.

    I keep meaning to tell you that the Adams' quote makes me smile every time I visit your blog.

  5. Laurie, Pearl, Janet, Brenda and Margo - how lovely of you all to come, read and comment ... and so kindly ... and margo, thanks - glad you like that quote; it's one of my faves also!

  6. Stunning picture of love. Beautiful!

  7. Oh wow, does that happen in real life? I suppose stranger things have happened.

  8. "positively singing with drives maternal" You used the prompt well. Love it.

  9. How touching and beautiful! Well Done~

  10. I do remember reading of this happening in real life. True unconditional love. If I wrote more it would be only repetition of what has already been stated. What a story to tell, Your Grandmother carried you to so you could be with us.

  11. Thanks Paula, irene, Sara, Pamela, Ella and Jules - glad you enjoyed the poem ... and yes, irene - I have read of several instances of this happening.

  12. What love... beautiful.