Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My most beautiful thing is life - and for the record, I don't always remember or realize that life is my most beautiful, most precious, most valuable thing. But when Fiona first mentioned this idea and I started trying to come up with one thing, one most beautiful thing, I couldn't do it.

Like most people, I thought about my family - my husband who I adore. Our two daughters who we both love to distraction. All three are most beautiful things - as are our grandsons. But is one more beautiful than another? I don't think so ... maybe at a given time, or in a certain picture ... but in actuality? No way.

Places where I've visited or lived - many of them are truly gorgeous and will always be remembered as such. Paris, New York, Rome - those are the obvious cities that sit in my mind wreathed in beauty but I lived near the Thousand Islands for awhile and cannot forget that magical place, nor St.John's, Newfoundland, or Scarborough Bluffs where I grew up ... but my most beautiful? I don't think so.

What about flowers? I love flowers and am always photographing them ... could I decide one is the most beautiful of them all?

I am sure many are suffering this same dilemma.

For me, it's come down to this ... I will select a photo that represents something I find beautiful always - childhood innocence - captured in this extreme close-up of a baby's face. That's for today. Tonight I might select something altogether different. Tomorrow, something else again.

The value in this exercise for me is much like writing a small stone - it's making me stop and pay attention. I'm looking at things with new eyes and that's never a bad thing. I found it interesting how seriously I took an assignment to find my most beautiful thing, that I couldn't in good conscience do it!


  1. Oh, Sharon... I couldn't agree more. The baby is adorable, even looks like he's praying.

  2. Love the chubby cheeks : ) lovely post.

  3. That's a lovely idea, choosing a symbol for a greater whole.
    It would be an interesting conversation among us to see how each person approached this and the seriousness with which we each thought about it.

  4. Oh, man. Is there anything more important on the face of the earth than those eyelashes? I do not think so. Beautiful, Sharon.

  5. smiles...that is def a thing of beauty...and pales in comparison to places, or flowers....too bad we can not cling to that innocence...on my way over to check out your interview...

  6. Thanks to all of you for coming and sharing my representation of beautiful things ... glad you got and appreciated the concept ... it's been a fascinating exercise, yes?