Monday, April 9, 2012

Rionero's Swallows

Bladed feathery sky seekers soar above mortals and Hades;
Below Heaven, trailing skeins of snowflakes
Slicing blueness reveals rank scents - fresh blood - an abattoir's
coppery odour
Wings batting flesh, flaying it, fill the mouth with strawberries over-ripe
Then, like Icarus, they're on the wing again
The beating of thousands, the coliseum's roar
Those that soar, just as easily plummet
I notice how they dive and swoop— and  sometimes land as if to have a chat—and never collide
and wonder how that is; it never ceases to astound
It's sick how they do that, just sick
Should I be able to collect enough swallows and defeather each one
Then create myself a cape for flying
I too could take the sky, I know it
Perhaps not ... meno male!
Were I just to have enough faith, I know I too could soar
Earth Angel - wings clipped at birth
Oh, but come the night when Luna rises full and calls to me
My wings will surely grow strong, fully unfurl
And with the sweet swallows, I'll soar
Savage swallows scissoring, seize the sky
Mere mortal believing the impossible becomes winged - takes the sky
รจ pazzesco!
My humble cape breathes itself alive, wraps me finally, fully feathered.



  1. You have one of my obsession subjects: Icarus/wings. There are some interesting images and lines in here. Do you like it enough to go in with scissors [as savage as the swallows]?

  2. possibly ... what did you have in mind?

  3. This is astounding, Sharon! I'm in awe of all the images and the winged feeling throughout! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, too! :)