Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Scent of Maybe

Dusk brings with it the scent of maybe
Heaps on a load of never mind
And a lonely pale sun-shot sky fading
Into night fells any hope you might
Have been holding out for something
Just out of sight, more sensed
Than actually witnessed - something
Light as spider's web silk skimming through
Your early waking dreams leaving
Flecks of impossibilities littering
End of day imaginings that fill you
With an odd blend of optimism and despair
So overwhelming that standing still
Becomes mandatory or the room begins
To sway and the floor rushes up


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sharon!!! You know you're good - I know you're far more than good - but this! This! This is just brilliant - sparkling my night to last far into the day! My goodness SE ... EXQUISITE!

  2. Wow. Exquisite for sure, Sharon. And you thought you were not creative with "succinct." This brilliant piece proves otherwise.

  3. Sharon, your first line just captured me, the rest to follow! Beautiful!

  4. Not at all "maybe" beautiful; beautiful! Gorgeous writing.

  5. Fabulous... one of those you read and think... I wish I had written that.

  6. OOhhh.. that first line. Wow! It really pulled me in and then the rest ... lovely!

  7. This was so sensual I almost became dizzy. Nice.

  8. Really enjoyed this, Sharon... especially the ending.

  9. I was captivated by the first line and drawn into the poem as if I were there with you watching this unfold. I loved so many lines but my favorite: "Light as spider's web silk skimming through/Your early waking dreams". Pearl is right! This is a drop everything and read poem. Brilliant.

  10. Exquisite exposition, Sharon. The flow of images that rode on the backs of the flowing words wouldn't allow the reader to turn away. You did more with this than write poetry. You made art.

  11. Sharon, as the others before me have said, this is absolutely gorgeous. From the title to the poem.


  12. I think this poem would also fit into this weeks We Write Poems #133

    I wish I could think of something else different, but it's all been said. A really wondrous write.

    Thanks for visiting my story verse for this weeks wordle prompt.

  13. just beautiful...a soothing style...GOD LOVE U

  14. I love your first line so much, it set up anticipation for the rest. You do not disappoint! This is a fantastic write.

  15. Very beautiful writing, it draws one along rather dreamily, then surprises with the vertigo at the ending.

  16. I'm late getting in my comments for this past week' Wordle, but I have to tell you that this is hands down the best I've read. Terrific, yet not overblown sentiment, just beautiful in every way, an not a single obvious Wordle word in it! Congrats.

    BTW have you published elsewhere? I'd love to know what publications you have submitted to. Although I do not have anywhere near your talent, I do believe that we often share similar styles, and I' like to know what zines publish the sort of poetry you write. If you have not been published outside of your blog, then the rest of the world has been missing out!

    Here is my decidedly different entry::