Monday, December 3, 2012

Ecstasy Driven

When, I wonder
Does desire wane
The libido become forlorn

Do sex and love clash
Over one affair too many
Until the edges of want
Become sanded smooth

The fuse burns out
No amount of manic
Acrobatic positioning
Hewn from the pages
Of well-thumbed copies
Of the Kama Sutra

Can help you find the way
To wax sensual 
Once more
Drive ecstasy
Through your veins
Fork your life full again.


  1. Oh, one affair too many would be one affair too many as far as I'm concerned.
    This has quite a bite too it. Great wordle.

  2. I am almost positive nothing can rekindle the fire after infidelity. The last stanza states a very heartfelt truth, Sharon. Well done.


  3. Well yes, after a while, an affair becomes hopelessly banal doesn't it?

  4. The paths we tread take us many ways and infidelity and lust are usually the more treacherous ones and this is a great spin on the wordle

  5. While nearly impossible, I do actually know a few couples that have survived infidelity. Stranger things have happened. Like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, didn't they divorce and remarry? I like this piece. Human frailty is often (sorry I can't find a better word here) the 'but' (yes two t's also works) of humor.

    Thank you for your visit to my story verse. It is often a fun challenge to find a good home for every word. I think 'Fork' was one of the curve balls this week. Glad you enjoyed how I included it. Not sure what I was thinking, but the sentence 'worked'.

  6. I don't see this a infidelity ruining a relationship, but rather a kind of world-weariness wearing down a sexual dilettante, with the sex vs love clash being internal.

    Knowing full well I may be totally wrong, it's very hard for me to see it the other way.

    I mean, "one affair too many" would have to imply that one fewer would have been OK. How does that work?


  7. The plea of the last stanza is gorgeous. There is pain beneath the words. This is a strong write, Sharon. I love it. LOVE it!

  8. Sharon, this is emotionally tearing. Well written.

  9. It can happen, sanded smooth, I like what you did with this!