Sunday, December 9, 2012

Delicate Sensibilities

Grey winter's
bland face
offers little
to rejuvenate
the space forged
Between stress
and the coast

Where a sea
rampant with
innate sorrow
Pounds at
delicate sensibilities
Hidden beneath
the sun's
wide-brimmed hat:

The one
that shimmers
like a prism
Through the
of an ethereal



  1. Oh! I LOVE this:
    "the space forged
    Between stress
    and the coast"

    So great. And "the sun's/wide-brimmed hat." That delights me. :)

  2. Sharon, that second stanza is awesome, and the whole piece does sing of the sorrow of grey wintery days. Nice.


  3. Not sure why the words took me to the sea coast (actually Lake Erie , in my case) but spray, sun rocks and water seemed to lurk among the given words!
    Enjoyed your poem about a real sea coast.

  4. Sharon- This is delightful... I especially love the sun's hat and all that follows.

  5. These short lines just keep leading me on and on so delicately and deliberately from beginning to end. What an enjoyable read!

    Our Thirst Guides Our Way

  6. I love the quote at the top of your blog! Winter does have that bland face on certain days!

  7. no, I could not live where snow was a regular part of life (well, could, would not choose too). prefer my heat and humidity. I too like "Between stress and the coast"

  8. Thanks all for coming where winter's bland face visits with astonishing regularity actually - reading and leaving your comments ... your insights are always much appreciated.

  9. I thought you said you lost your war with these words. . .I'd say you won quite handily! Very nice, a bit mournful, but there's a bit of hope in there too! Glad you decided to post it!