Monday, May 27, 2013


Can you feel it?
I am sure you can
The one you hold
closest to your heart
so close in fact,
she once lay beneath it--
--is shifting with the current
of her future,
rising on the beam
of her tomorrows.

You are loathe to give her up,
yield the anchor that has kept her
safely moored in the range
that you command.
But, breathe deeply
and remember the layers of
preparation, of care,
of trust, and self-esteem
that she now carries with her
always, thanks to you.

Her life stretches before her
a fertile wonderland
rife with experiences
for the having,
wrapped in enduring
phrases of your
love ...


  1. The conflicts within parents on letting go their daughters to college or to start life anew. You've
    depicted it very well SE!


  2. I'm no there yet, but yes! I could feel it through your words!

  3. Good advice to anyone who's watching their child step out on their own.

  4. Once took a class on parenting. During a discussion, a beautiful white haired woman said, "You will spend most of their growing up years carefully packing a suitcase against the day they leave, only to have them (if you are lucky) open it and take a toothbrush and a favorite sweater before dancing out the door. Then you must step back and wait, for they will return for the rest, eventually." I found that she was pretty close in her estimating of reality. Your poem reminded me of something I have to tell my daughter as her daughter (oldest grandchild) just turned 16. Thank you,


  5. This is a beautiful piece of writing. Thank heavens my two girls took less than a full suitcase with them as they are still so close to me and me to them.

  6. Letting go. It is usually hard. Not always, granted, but usually. Nicely captured.

  7. To let them go is by no means an easy task, wonderfully written expression of this difficult time for parents.

  8. I could feel this, Sharon. It reminded me of my relationship with my daughter. Nice poem.